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Welcome to Nourish

Local and Virtual Cooking & Wellness Classes & Events

Join the Nourish community!

DIscover our classes or events, let us host or cater your event, or connect with our CO-OP Food Hub in the works. 

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Define Your Fuel Virtual Program

Ready to change your health so you can do more of what you're called to do?

Wish you had the energy and focus that you used to?

Want to know that you're eating the foods that are right for your body?

Tired of conflicting, overwhelming and outdated information about health and food but don't know where to turn for clarity and simplicity? 
Have a "cranky belly", sensitivities, or other symptoms you wish you could address?

Ready for more than another class, course or plan?

If this sounds like you, let's go!
We're here to help.

Join the group. Sign up for a free masterclass. Or just jump in and apply!

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Cut the Crap-
Cooking Skills for a Healthier You

Now TWO ways to Cut the Crap!
In person in our Nourish Teaching Kitchen, or online on your own time!

Are you ready to start fresh and new!?

Get signed up now and know that your 2023 will look brighter.
If you're ready to feed yourself and your family healthier food, get clear on what "healthier" means, maybe address some chronic "stuff" or learn how to cook for food allergies or sensitivities- this is it!
This 6 week cooking program will help you learn how to plan healthy, delicious menus and prepare and enjoy meals at home- saving you money and improving your health!
From food safety and basic knife skills, to meal planning, shopping, cooking, freezing, and all the nutritional choices involved, you will build your confidence in the kitchen and learn the skills you need!

We will join you every week to create our recipe, talk through our topics, create our project and work with you plus you will have access to the exclusive FB group community to support your experience.
There will be action steps for you to take on your own each week to make these part of your lifestyle!

Very limited in-person spaces, so sign up fast when it opens!

Cooking Class
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Catering, Classes and Events

Cooking Class
Online Consultation

Fermentation Workshops

Join the Fun!

Want to learn about fermentation but not sure where to start? 
Or you keep hearing about kombucha, sourdough, or other fermented things but wish you understood the hype? 
We have both in-person and virtual options for you!

Cooking and Wellness Classes

A Perfect Fit

Whether you’re looking for something to do besides going to the movies, or you want to learn a new skill, or you are ready to overhaul your relationship with food, we're here to help! We have a variety of classes for all ages and skill levels. 
Contact us today with any questions or for more information.

Virtual Coaching

Step Up Your Game

Classes are great and we love them!
But sometimes you just need more. 

If you're ready for that next level with your health, your cooking skills, your confidence and your energy, then it's time.

We're elevating our offerings with new programs that combine all that's amazing about our classes with the individual attention and accountability that make it real in your life. 

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Outdoor Dinner Party

About Us

Welcome to Nourish.

We are a community for people to gather, learn, explore, try something new, eat some good food,

spend time with friends and family

  or make new ones. 

Contact us to learn more!

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Great Falls MT

(406) 625-0635

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