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Define Your Fuel Virtual Program

Ready to change your health so you can do more of what you're called to do?

Wish you had the energy and focus that you used to?

Want to know that you're eating the foods that are right for your body?

Tired of conflicting, overwhelming and outdated information about health and food but don't know where to turn for clarity and simplicity? 
Have a "cranky belly", sensitivities, or other symptoms you wish you could address?

Ready for more than another class, course or plan?

If this sounds like you, let's go!
We're here to help.

Join the group. Sign up for a free masterclass. Or just jump in and apply!

Virtual Classes and Events: Our Programs

Virtual Events

Healthy Cooking

Virtual Cut the Crap

6 weeks of cooking skills for a healthier, less overwhelmed and more confident you!

Are you tired of feeling like you just want more? You know you "should" be eating better, but there's just so much conflicting information on what "better" is supposed to look like. And somehow getting it all done in your real life with jobs, kids, responsibilities, and all the other things that have to happen... Yeah. 
We think there is a better way. 
Imagine having a system that works for you and  your family. Knowing ways to cook foods that make you feel great. Understanding how to flex styles of cooking and different foods based on what you need for that day (or week or season). Feeling confident that you can take care of your health, eat what feels good, and get rid of that stress and fight so that you can focus on the things that are most important to you. The things you're meant to be doing for the world (and actually WANT to be doing). 
Yeah. We have a program for that. 

Mason jars

Fermentation Immersion

for Your Health, Your Brain and Our World

What's old is new again, and for good reason! 
Learn how to use fast, simple recipes with ingredients you already have, to transform your health in this FREE one day Masterclass! 

Fresh Vegetables in Basket

Fresh Start Challenge!

Free 3 Day Event

Not where you want to be with your health and meals? 
Wish eating healthy was delicious, simple and easy and made you feel great?
Join us for 1 hour a day over 3 days for your fresh start!

Virtual Classes and Events: Our Programs
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