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We should do a food truck!

It started a long time ago in some ways. I worked on a food truck in Virginia Beach and the idea was always in the back of my mind after that, but never the thing I was most interested in pursuing. And honestly, it is a lot of work. And, Great Falls hasn't historically been the friendliest of places to start a business in general or to try to open a food truck specifically. And yet, with this pandemic craziness and no classes to be taught, and my brand new (to me) kitchen just sitting there... apparently all it took was a post saying that a business in town was opening their parking lot for food trucks.

So at 9am on a Friday morning, I woke my fiance up out of a dead sleep with "We're doing a food truck!" His reply, by the way, was something mumbled about having mentioned it a few weeks ago, but now that it was my idea... To be fair, it was a thing that we had discussed several times, but always just as an idea. I announced it to my sister in similar fashion as she left for the morning and she nodded and gave me an OK, sure. She was a lot more surprised when she returned a few hours later and I had already lined up a truck (which would turn out to be a trailer instead), set up to meet the health inspector and get everything certified, arranged a place to park it, mocked up a menu concept and talked to our marketing guru, as well as emailing the development authority team. Her response the second time was "Oh man, you're serious! We're actually doing a food truck!"

9 days later, in what may have been a record setting opening, despite Murphy's law being in full effect, we were licensed and had our secret soft opening with a full, sold out opening 2 days later.

Maybe someday I'll share all the "fun" behind the scenes that got us there, but we did it and it has been amazing and exhausting and surprising since.

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